Why I Decided to Become a Full Stack Developer

Posted by eikliw on March 16, 2017

The journey to become a full stack web developer is not a short nor easy one. But it’s one I’ve started recently, and I’m ready to dive in.

So how did I end up here?

I’ve been building websites as a hobby and even as a business for many years. I initially started out in the affiliate marketing world building simple websites to promote products through sites like Clickbank. This is really where I started dabbling in website creation and learned my way around the process of getting a website setup.

After a while though, I really starting taking shortcuts! See, I knew some basic HTML, CSS and what not, but I’d mostly shortcut my way through web design utilizing the joy of Wordpress. And boy do I love Wordpress. I’ve built many successful businesses off of Wordpress, and it’s been a great experience.

So how did I get from doing that to wanting to learn full stack web development?

Well, ever just feel like you need more? Like you need to dive deeper to fully understand something?

That’s how I felt with the web. I wanted a deeper understanding of how to build full applications and web services. I could kind of grasp how this upper layer, or the “front end”, worked. But what about the full spectrum? I wanted to dig past that surface layer in my mind and really understand the backend as well. To be able to put it all together and build full deliverable products from scratch.

Why couldn’t I build my own SaaS like the ones I’ve used in the past? Why couldn’t I build some great software a business could use to help run their business better? What if I joined a great team and worked on a product I was passionate about all while building great networking relationships? All these different paths and any of them would be great. And that genuinely interests me. All the different options you have with the knowledge of a full stack developer.

To keep this brief, this is what brought me here. A desire to learn. A passion to build and code cool stuff that can have an impact on the world around me.

I’m excited to see where this new road leads.